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The Rag Company at KRS, Check it out!!


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Welcome to The Rag Company's new series: The Shop Journal! In this episode, Levi is introduced to Kenny's Rod Shop in Boise, ID. Home of all sorts of restored & custom vehicles from mild to wild! This is an introductory episode, so you'll get to know a bit about Levi and a lot about Kenny Welch of Kenny's Rod Shop. In future episodes, you'll get an in-depth look at each vehicle being built as well as the process behind them from the builders & technicians themselves.Click on the link below:


KRS, '37 Ford Deluxe car owner Dan Wathor and The Rag Co at SEMA !!!

SEMA 2018 .. we were just awarded a top 10 pic for the Mother’s Shine award !!! Wednesday at 4 we find out who wins the covenant award !! We at KRS along with car owner Dan Wathor along with The Rag Company are honored to be picked !!!


KRS and The Unruly One are in Drag Racer Magazine!




Be sure to check out some of the final pictures of Lew's Pickup, under Projects Lew Stiner-'50 GMC Pickup!

Lew Stiner's 50 GMC Truck ( Merlow ) is all completed and looks fantastic!!  Many thanks to KRS Crew, Brandon at Interior Revolution, Shawn at Regenerated Rides and a BIG THANK YOU to truck owner Lew for all of his many hours of helping everyone!!!  

The Rag Company Podcast

Kenny's Rod Shop + Jason Killmer | DETALKSCAST

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