Dan Wathor

'37 Ford Coupe

Rio Linda, CA

2016- Great 8 Ridler Award Finalist ,Boise Roaster Show The Goldmark Award and Goodguy's America's Most Beautiful Street Rod!!!!

2017-  Grand National Roadster Show made it in the top 100 and Sacramento Autorama won 1st in class and Best Rod!!!!


Pat & Marcia Thomas

'32 Ford Coupe  5 Window

Dillon,  MT

2016-  Grand National Roadster Show made it in the top 100!!!

Mike Dennison

'51 Hudson Wasp

San Jose, CA


Keith Weeks

'68 Chevy Panel

Boise, ID


Rick Richardson

'40 Ford Truck

Meridian,  ID


Lew Stiner

'52 GMC Pickup

Boise,  ID


Ken & Shirley Welch

'62 Chevy Nova

Meridian,  ID


Bill Harrison


Manteca, CA

Jerry Moore

Tube Truck Chassis

Boise, ID


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