New KRS T-Shirts

 Here's sneak peek at KRS' new T-shirts coming soon!

The new KRS T-shirts are a dark grey and available in Small, Medium, Large, 2XL and 3XL.

Prices will be $ 25.00 each.

Shipping is $ 7.00 for 1-2 shirts and $14.00 and up for 3 or more.




T-SHIRTS ON SALE!      $ 15.00 each , plus shipping

THE GUARDIAN T-shirts are black w/ smaller green logo on front left side            

and THE GUARDIAN design large on the back.    

SIZES: Med.,Large, and XLarge .

The Kenny's Rod Shop t-shirts are black w/ smaller white logo on the front left side and Kenny's Rod Shop design large on the back.

SIZES:   ONLY XLarge are available 


$ 7.00 shipping for 1 - 2 shirts and  $14.00 and up shipping for 3 or more.


Also still available in XLarge and 2XL ONLY  Let's Race

T-shirts are white w/ large Dragster cartoon design and

KRS logo on front in black and LETS RACE with yellow smiley faces on the back.


 $ 15.00 each, plus shipping

$ 7.00 shipping for 1-2 shirts and $ 14.00 and up shipping for 3 or more.



Remember good hot rods aren't cheap, and cheap hot rods aren't good.